Some of The Best Photo Editing Software For You

Given the modern cameras we have today, photography has become quite convenient these days; even the most basic of the models produce clear and crisp photos. However, issues regarding lighting, red-eye, while balance etc. keep cropping up even now. And it is exactly then that you feel the need of photo editing services. However, you may also choose to use the free image-editing software available online. But, you do not know which one to choose.

Firstly, if you can afford, you should obviously go for Photoshop, the effectiveness of the program is known to all and sundry. However, if you cannot afford to do that, you need not be disheartened as there are several other free tools for getting the edits done. Some of them are discussed below:

GNU Image Manipulation Program or Gimp was introduced in the year 1996. It has always kept itself updated since then, the result of which is that the software is one of the most powerful free photo editors that you can find on the internet.

It contains tools that can enhance contrast, correct colors, work on brightness etc. It can also blur or sharpen images, remove red-eye, fix perspective problems, add special lighting effects, create an animation or turn the photo into an oil painting. The paint tools here are pretty amazing that support full layer and several ways for extending the program.

Given the various factors that Gimp involves, it takes some time to learn the program. However, if you have any previous experience of image-editing, you can be doing some meaningful work in a few minutes.

It may not be as powerful as Gimp, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot like it. Paint.NET is strong on image editing basics, with several rotating and resizing options for the images, a good range of paint tools and selection, and some great special effects as well. However, the best thing about Paint.NET is its straightforward interface, which makes it extremely user-friendly to even a graphics novice.

It has been around for about 10 years, and has grown into a very useful program in all these years. In fact, PhoXo can be used by everybody. While children can play around with the clipkart, customizing the photos with cartoon cats, grown-ups can use its various other tools, like paint and drawing, effects, image transformation tools etc.

Funny Photo Maker
This software has no layer support or paint and drawing options or smart selection tools, but is popular among photo editing services because of its amazing range of effects that you can apply in seconds. This helps them add someone’s face to an actor’s poster or even a currency note; add snow and rain to a photo; turn a still image into an animated one; turn your image into a school or college; apply frames, etc.

Photo Pos Pro
Its dated interface and small toolbars may not look so promising, but once you begin exploring it, you start liking it. It has a wide range of paint tools, selection options and color correction tools. It offers reasonable support for masks and layers, a whole lot of effects, and scripting tools that help you automate several editing tools.

Photo editing services use all the software that have been discussed here; choose the ones you like and get going with editing your photos.